FISHKEEPER AQUARIUM HEATER FISHKEEPER ULTRA QUIET AQUARIUM AIR PUMP——THE BEST HELPER FOR FISH TANK OXYGEN SUPPLY An Essential Accessory for Every Fish Tank - Air Pump Novel appearance: fishkeeper unique design, black classic shell, simple and elegant, feel good, made of high-quality materials, beautiful and match your fish tank Increases Oxygen Levels in Fish Tanks: Steady power provides steady air volume output, helping fish tanks maintain a stable pH by reducing the build-up of harmful gases such as carbon dioxide Silent design: There are 4 solid rubber feet at the bottom of the fish tank aerator, which can greatly reduce the noise, and will not disturb your daily life during operation Easy to use: you just need to plug it into the outlet, no need to turn on any switch to use Wide range of applications: wide range of use, you can use it for aquariums, fish tanks, small ponds, hydroponics, aquaculture, etc. Adjustable air volume: the fish tank air pump has a knob that can adjust the air volume, and the output can be adjusted according to your preference fishkeeper fish tank oxygen pump, rich experience in the aquarium industry, bring a better life to your aquatic pets.
For maximum air flow and to prolong the life of the air pump, we recommend cleaning the water pipes regularly
The hose is 79 inches long, you can cut to the right length
For maximum air flow and to extend the life of the air pump, we recommend cleaning the air stone regularly
Before using the air stone, it is recommended to soak it in water for 1-2 hours
Standard use of connectors
Connector: Extend the length of the water pipe
2-in-1 connector: suitable for oxygen pumps with 2 outlets, only one air stone is connected to the 2 outlets to increase the power used