Why Should a Fish Tank Use a Wave Pump?
1: If the wave maker is not used, the water in the fish tank will be lifeless, which cannot simulate the natural water flow of nature.
2: If the wave maker is not used, the fish will not move, the body will not be exercised, and the natural environment that the fish want will not be satisfied.
3: If the wave maker pump is not used, the oxygen content in the water will be greatly reduced, and the water cycle in the fish tank will not be completed, and the fish tank will not be beautiful.

Fishkeeper Aquarium Circulation Pump Excellent Features
1: Up to 1050GPH water flow, simulating the natural water flow environment of rivers and oceans, giving your little fish an immersive feeling.
2: One-click installation, the sturdy suction cup is firmly attached to the fish tank and will not easily fall off, connect the power supply to complete the water cycle in the fish tank
3: The wave pump comes with a 360°rotating base ball, you can switch to any angle at will. The reinforced ABS shell has the ability to protect small fish without affecting the water intake, so you can use it with confidence.
4: Very quiet, 100% placed in water, almost no sound can be heard, the decibel is less than 35db
5: The wavemaker blows down to blow away the impurities in the fish tank, and can blow up the fish feed
6: Made of anti-corrosion material, suitable for freshwater and saltwater aquarium
7: It can be used in conjunction with other aquarium products—cooperate with the Heater to control the water temperature of the aquarium in a balanced manner; cooperate with the Air pump to increase the oxygen level of the aquarium; cooperate with the Filter to speed up the filtration of the aquarium.

1050GPH WaterFlow5W power fish tank wave pump, providing 1050GPH high-speed water flow, very suitable for 20-60 gallon fish tanks, provide the most simulated living environment for your fish tank.Super SuctionThe suction cup with super suction is specially designed for the fish tank, and the suction cup holder can make the suction cup more firmly attached to the glass, and it will not fall easily.QuietThe mute effect is less than 35 decibels, and it will not produce a large sound when placed in the water, and small fish can play quietly.Gentle Water FlowSimulate the water flow environment in nature, let the small fish swim, and the wave maker can blow the larger plants, making the aquarium look more natural.
Specification: Voltage: 110V-120V/60HZ
Power: 5W
Max flow: 1050 GPH (4000LPH)
Applicable Tank: 20-60 Gallon
Dimensions: 5.51 x 2.44 x 2.12 inches

Package includes: 1 x Aquarium Circulator Pump

Note: The wave maker pump must be fully immersed in water

Recommendation: Removable, can be cleaned regularly
Fishkeeper Wave Maker for Aquarium Strong wave making
Working silently
Energy saving save electricity
Durable, Safe