FISHKEEPER PROFESSIONAL AQUARIUM CLEANING TOOLS The Powerful Features of the New Fish Tank Cleaning Tool:
1. Sand washing: All-round cleaning of sand, take away the dirt on the sand, built-in 3D filter basket to prevent our fish friends and gravel from being sucked away.
2. Suck away fish manure: The aquarium gravel cleaner has a duckbill suction port, which helps to absorb fish manure and impurities.
3. Change the water: squeeze the siphon ball to quickly start the siphon water. Equipped with clips to free your hands.
4. Scraping algae: Scrape off the algae on the fish tank and suck it away to maintain the aesthetics of the fish tank
5. Simple operation: According to the instructions, you can provide a full range of cleaning for your fish tank without spending too much time.
6. Provide the best living environment: Regularly use the Fishkeeper fish tank cleaning tool to enhance the vitality of your little fish and provide the best living environment!
7. fishkeeper small aquarium vacuum gravel cleaner, professional fish tank tool producer. Buy fishkeeper fish tank vacuum gravel cleaner If you have any questions, you can always contact fishkeeper, fishkeeper will provide the best solution for you!
Cleaning GravelRemoves tiny particles and impurities from sand and gravel to provide a good living environment for your little fishScraping Algae/Cleaning Fish ManureVigorously clean the algae adsorbed on the fish tank / clean up the food residues of small fish in the fish tankChange WaterA light and small water changer to prevent small fish from being sucked in. One-click water change, you just need to wait

High Quality MaterialMade of durable high-quality ABS material, drop-resistant and durable, corrosion-resistant, ideal for freshwater and saltwater fish tanksSiphon BallAfter testing, just squeeze the siphon ball 3 to 5 times, and the water will flow automatically (please install it in the direction of the arrow, otherwise the siphon will not work)Portable HandleFree your hands and hang firmly on the fish tank. During the water change, you just have to wait

Designed with High-Quality Materials, You Can Use it with ConfidenceThe Package Contains:
Suction ball x1 6.69in
Hard tube joints x1 1.77in
Hard tube x2 19.7in
Gravel cleaning tube x1 5.7in
Water outlet hose x1 78in
filter basket x1 1.37in
Hose clamp x1 1.88in
Flow control valve x1 2.55in
duck bill x1 2.36in
filter basket x1 1.37in
Best HoseThe length of the hose is 79 inches, you can use scissors to cut the appropriate length to match according to your needs.
Tips: The siphon principle needs to pay attention to the water level of the water inlet and outlet at least 19.7in, and at the same time, the water level of the fish tank should be at least 6in

Suggest: 1. Please clean up the garbage inside the fish tank regularly.
2. Change about 25% of the aquarium water every month.
3. Please check for air leakage when connecting the pipes