In our opinion, it’s non-negotiable that the level of safety should be put first! fishkeeper aquarium heater intelligent dual temperature and water sensor system, combines electronic precision, reliable monitoring, and multiple safety features to easily maintain desired aquarium water temperatures, brings every aquatic life in the aquarium a safety and healthy home.

300 Watt: for 40~80 gallon tank
500 Watt: for 65~120 gallon tank
800 Watt: for 80~220 gallon tank
Intelligent LED Digital Display and Precise Temperature ControlTemperature Control Range: 59℉~94℉ / 15°C~34°C
"L1" Flashing: RUN-DRY protection
"HH" Flashing: OVERHEAT protection(>94℉)
"LL" Flashing: LOW temp protection(<59℉)
"EE" Flashing: Temperature sensor failure
Simple ControlPressing the button can easily set temperature in 1℉ increments
Press and hold for 5s can easily switch the temperature unit ℉/℃
UL Certified Safety US E498420Input Voltage: AC 100-120V /60Hz
Safe standard: UL Listed
Connecter Size: 3-Prong with Ground Wire
Cable Length: 5.9ft + 4ft
Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection
Anti-Scald ABS ShellProvides extra peace-of-mind protection for your loving fish
Powerful suction cups can be firmly placed anywhere in the aquarium
IPX8 high waterproof level
Warm Tips: Before powering on, the aquarium heater should be completely submerged in the water to work properly.
To ensure even and thorough distribution of warmed water and to provide an accurate temperature reading, it recommends that place the heater where the unit is unobstructed, and where there is a free flow of water, such as close to a filter or pumps water output.
Do not bury it under gravel as gravel does not conduct heat.
The heating rod should be cool down in the water tank for at least 10 minutes if you want to remove the heater from the tank.
Unplug the power suppl when changing the water.